Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday - And Chivalry is Dead (Well Almost)

I am fairly convinced that chivalry is dead.

I had a treadmill delivered today and expected to have it placed in my living room. I walked out to meet the guy in his truck, escorted him to my apartment, opened the door and he said "you know I don't go inside don't you?". I was initially dumbfounded. I said "What?". He said "I drop this at the door." Um dude," I paid for you to put it in my living room not my door." I could see him eying the stairs. This guy flat out refused to take the treadmill up the stairs for me. I said "what part of my 120lbs do you think can lift a 200lb treadmill up a flight of stairs?" He said "well I will put it inside the door." He barely did that and turned around to say something and I just slammed the door on him. I mean seriously, what happened to helping a female in distress or just plain doing your job? The only satisfaction i got was getting my delivery charge refunded. Geesh!

So here I am furious and having tears in my eyes with no way to get a 200lb treadmill up the stairs. So, even though I barely know my neighbor I braved the cold, dark world and knocked. Despite the fact I said the treadmill was 200lbs, my neighbor was "happy to oblige". Together we huffed and puffed that darn thing up the stairs and I even fell down on my butt doing it, but it's up here now! Thank goodness my neighbor helped me cause I was about to lose all hope in mankind.

Hope your day has you encountering knights in shinning armor.

Ciao! De ;)


  1. I know they have so many rules and regulations now; here they won't deliver a thing or come into the house until the dog is crated and then one time we had furniture delivered and I had to sign a form saying that if they accidentally got the walls dirty or knicked anything I wouldn't come after the compnay.

    hope you like the treadmill; I bet you burnt some calories off lugging it up the stairs

    we are almost 2 weeks away!!


  2. The nerve of some people ~ Well look at the bright side, now you can walk off your frustrations. Take care and enjoy your new toy!

  3. His mother sure didn't do a very good job of raising him, did she? I thought delivery meant delivery! I'm glad your neighbor was available and did the neighborly thing.


  5. De, my darling... I work between a Macy's and a Nordstrom's. I KNOW chivalry is dead lol

    And hi. Been a while eh? lol