Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday - And It's Just Barely

   So I hardly slept a wink last night (about 2 1/2 hrs if you are curious), and I'm still wide awake now at 0022 (past midnight for all you out there not familiar with military time).  I'm a bit anxious about what the otologist has to say today, as I still cannot hear anything out of my right ear since the surgery.  Hopefully it's all packed and once he removes that I'll hear something.  Worst case scenario, my hearing is really screwed now and I'll definitely be investing in a hearing aid.  Part of me is mad at myself and think why didn't I just leave well enough alone, and the other part knows I had to try.
Okay, I think I will make this short and sweet because I am actually getting tired, must be the glass of wine I'm enjoying cause my nerves are shot.

Ciao!  De ;)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday - And It's a Wee Bit Early

Wow!  Almost 3yrs exactly since I've posted here, so a bit of a leave of absence yes?  Just browsed through a few entries and memories just come flooding back, some good, some bad, but all represent my life and the ups/downs that have come with it.

Been out on my own now for 4 years, legally divorced, and about to embark on a new career.  Hopefully this May I will begin Nurse Practitioner school and will be out and working in about 24-36 months or thereabouts.  Kinda scary, kinda exciting.  Haven't been in school for *gasp* 17 years!  Where has the time gone?

Another major event of recent?  I just had surgery on my right ear to hopefully improve my hearing.  Very risky on several fronts, the least of which I could end up totally deaf in that ear instead of an improvement or remaining the same. I've had this done before, on my left ear with great results, but it hasn't been a week yet and I'm concerned.  This surgery, or rather the immediate results, are completely different.  The first time I could immediately tell the difference and sound was very painful, and I was extremely dizzy for about a week.  This time around?  No sound whatsoever and my ear feels more painful and swollen.  No dizziness at first, but transient dizziness now with periodic ringing in my ear for hours.  So I really have no clue as how to judge the success, or rather the potential success of this surgery.  I have my first post-op tomorrow so I guess I will get a better idea.

Well, I was already supposed to be asleep, so I had better sign off for now and for the first time since 2009.  So without further ado...

Ciao!  De ;)