Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday - And I Don't Have a Title

Ha without words. No I'm just sitting here staring at the computer screen still trying to wake up. Gotta get in the shower soon if Caleb and I are going to the 5pm service at church as we are meeting his Dad at 6:30pm to exchange since I've gotta work tonight and tomorrow **Sigh**

I can't wait for my Thanksgiving holiday cause boy do I need a week off. The only thing I'm dreading is flying...actually had a panic attack about it earlier this week. Breath!

Oh I changed my music to only come on if you click on it. I noticed it was could be rather annoying if you weren't in the mood to listen anything. :)

Well, hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!

Ciao! De ;)


  1. we are going to pray daily for you for flying! I'm putting it on my prayer list; have I given you this Psalm before? the Lord gave it to me the day I was flying to DC back in 2005; me and the boy were flying alone and you know how I feel about flying

    Psalm 36:5 Your love O Lord reaches to the heavens; your faithfulness to the skies

    he's there with you all the time De,wherever you are at! we'll just pray for peace and comfort

    and if you get anxious between now and then, just say "I trust you Jesus" when you do. Just give it to him.


    you'll do great!!

    so glad you and Caleb are going to church!!!

    hoping work won't be so crazy!


  2. can you get the doc to prescribe something for you to take while you are flying?
    prayer is great but I do believe in better living thru chemistry

  3. hi De!~
    I'm looking forward for you to catch a break too!
    I love the colors on your blog! How did you manage that!! wow!
    it must be hard to give Caleb back

  4. wow De, I love the background... how did you do it? come, on, please, share your secret... :) I don't panic while flying. I have done enough flying for myself and several others in my life. I have a ritual I've followed since 9/11 which eases my own mind whenever I get on a plane; and, the "pre-medication" helps too.. ;)


  5. Yeah I need to do that too lol I went to my blog the other day and freaked out. Forgot I had music on auto. Sooo need to do something about that lol