Monday, February 19, 2007

The Sunday Seven - Episode 77

Some call it soda, some call it pop. Others call it Coke or Pepsi even if it's the other one. But how ever you refer to soft drinks, it's time to name your top choices.But first, Frida, of "I Really Hate Blog Names," was first to play last week, and had quite a few interesting selections for Valentine's Day candy messages! Congratulations, Frida!On to this week's question!

THIS WEEK'S QUESTION:Name your top seven favorite soft drink flavors or varieties.

1. Diet Dr Pepper
2. "Real" Dr Pepper
3. Diet Berry Dr Pepper
4. Diet Vanilla Coke from Sonic
5. Peach Fruit 02
6. Strawberry Fruit 02
7. Rasberry Dannon Water

**As you can see, I ran out of soda (and I call them all "coke" btw except for water) flavors. I'm pretty much a stick in the mud.

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