Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Sunday Seven - Episode 90

When your question writer is on a diet, food is just going to pop up as a topic from time to time. This week, we’re going to belly up to the salad bar.

But first, Wil of "The Daily Snooze" was first to play last week. Congratulations, Wil. (And thanks to Liz for pointing out the adjusted release date for Apple’s Leopard upgrade.)

On to this week's question!

Name seven ingredients you can’t resist at one of those Super Duper Mega Salad Bars.

Either answer the question in a comment or answer it in your journal and include the link in a comment. (To be considered "first to play," a link must be to the specific entry in which you answered the question.)

1. Lettuce and/or Spinach
2. Sunflower seeds
3. Bell Peppers
4. Green Olives
5. Jalapenos
6. Boiled Egg
7. Cheese

1 comment:

  1. i like egg in my salad too - but i didn't think of that when i was making my list.

    thanks for stopping by!