Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday - And The Plate In My Head Wasn't Big Enough

Remember in the movie "Vacation" when Cousin Eddie was complaining about not having enough money? "I got laid off when they closed that asbestos factory, and wouldn't you know it, the army cuts my disability pension because they said that the plate in my head wasn't big enough." Well it seems to me that people, just like Cousin Eddie, are always wanting something for nothing and I really get tired of them always expecting the government (i.e. you and me) to pay for everything. I get it alot at work. Now don't get me wrong, there are always the people who need the assistance, but more often than not, I run into the ones who try to work the system anyway they can and still complain they are not getting the lady who brought in her 1yr old the other night.

So this cute little 1yr old was seen in the ER for difficulty breathing, cough, and wheezing with a history of asthma. She got a few breathing treatments and scripts for home antibiotics and an inhaler. The Mom started complaining why don't we give her a nebulizer because it is easier and I explained how that has to come from the baby's pediatrician. Then Mom tells me the baby doesn't have a pediatrician because her ACCESS (welfare here in AZ) was denied because she couldn't find the little girl's social security number. "How dumb is that?" she asks, "Why do I have to show her social security card. They should just give it to her." Well I started explaining about verifying who people are, making sure they are here legally, etc and the Mom continues complaining about how their benefits keep getting reduced more and more and the little girl's big brother is drinking all the baby's milk, etc etc etc. Mom then goes on to complain about how she is pregnant and due in February and hasn't even had an ultrasound to find out what sex the baby is and how is that right? So I go "Well you know women had babies for thousands of years without knowing what the sex of the baby is and everyone survived." She said "Well I'm on a fixed income and I need to know." Excuse me but do you even see the correlation between the two? Me either. Then she starts talking about how her boyfriend (baby's father) after sleeping all day wakes up and drinks all the baby's milk, "sometimes a whole gallon at a time". Sheesh. Will someone get a job and quit making babies already? **Major sigh**

So then Mom gathers up everything and wants to know where the bus stop is. So I tell her as I walk her out front to check out and I'm like "where is the baby's jacket?" "Oh I left it at home cause I had too much to carry," she says as I notice she is putting her jacket on. Okay so this is at 6:00am and it's dark, cold, and misting. The baby was just in for breathing problems and you want to wait outside in the cold without a jacket for the baby? So my bleeding heart or Christmas spirit (not sure which at this point) kicks in and I get her a cab voucher that the hospital will eat so the baby won't get any sicker, all the while explaining to the Mom that this is a one-time deal and knowing that she is filing it away in her small, self-centered brain that this is one more way to get something for nothing. Okay, now onto more happier subjects, lol.

How is everyone's Christmas shopping coming along? Me? Ha! Almost NOTHING bought. I can't believe it! I have never been less prepared for Christmas than this year, not even when I was far more broke than I am now. Well, it will all work out. Caleb is over here this weekend so that leaves me one more day (Tuesday) before Christmas to buy a few things for him when he is not around. Hannah's main present is the computer I got her in August, but I plan on getting her a few little things too. The only saving grace is at least my tree is up, ha ha.

Well I work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so I think we are either going to the Christmas service on the 23rd, or before I go to work on the 24th. Caleb will be back on the 26th and we'll do Christmas then. What are your plans? What are your traditions? What are you cooking?

If I don't pop on before....Merry Christmas!!!

De ;)

PS: This video is for Katie...


  1. love that song!!!! that poor baby; got to feel sorry for him and the new baby to be and the older siblings

    I just have to wrap a few gifts (okay all the gifts but I don't have that many to wrap) and then we'll be ready. this was such a stressless Christmas; I love simplifying! (but its easier to simplify when the kids are older, like adults LOL except I caved it and got what Mr. Cadillac wanted; I'm such a softie)

    we'll go to hubby's brother's on Christmas Day; his parents will be there too

    I hope you and Caleb and Hannah have a very Merry Christmas!


  2. you have a heart of gold lady...
    merry christmas to you too!!!

  3. I have been in the welfare boat myself but only took what I needed. Went to work when my son was 8 months old. I could of stayed on the dole, but figured I would be better off working! I was right. I have met people who work the system like you wouldn't believe. Then they make the rounds to all the charities asking for help etc.. These are able bodied people by the way!

  4. I hear ya, sista. We have a chronic sickler who came in via EMS during the worst weather of the year and then wanted a cab home because it was too cold and the buses were running late because of the, oh by the way, HUGE blizzard. He's been in so many times we no longer get reimbursed for his visits because he's used up his Medicaid allotted monies. Of course he can't be denied care because that would be a violation. So, free dilaudid, bus tokens (or cabs), free ambulance ride... sigh...

    Merry Christmas!!!


  5. I feel so sorry for those who are truly in need and truly go without. Your video made me cry - Thank you for the dedication. Take care and may you continue to be blessed. Merry Christmas to you my friend,

  6. Dee, I soooo know those patients you're talking about. The more they get the more they expect. Bless that little baby's heart. Pitiful, just pitiful.

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. I do double shifts and I will get off at 7AM Christmas Eve morning and go back in at 11 on Christmas night. Keep the faith, somebody has to be there to take care of people.

  7. Thank you for helping that baby..some people do not deserve to be parents.
    I get so angry when I see a baby or child in the freezing cold or barefoot while the parents puffs on cigaretts wearing a warm coat. I have actually said something once. and got some lame excuse too.

    Merry Christmas..
    god bless you and your kind heart.