Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday - And Happy Boxing Day

And how was your Christmas? I spent Christmas Eve and Day working but before that Hannah and I had a night out shopping while Caleb was at his Dad's. This picture was taken in Target. Hannah said "I'm tired and my feet hurt, I wish I could get in the basket just like Caleb." So I told her to go ahead and climb in, which she obviously did, lol. I pushed her around the whole store and she declared this to be "The Best Christmas EVER!" Wow, if I had only known she was so easy to please I wouldn't have bought that 120gb ipod classic, ha ha.

We picked up Caleb tonight and went for our Christmas dinner at Olive Garden. I said "so much for traditional fare" to which Hannah responded, "well what do you think the Italians eat for Christmas". Pictures of turkey spaghetti entered our heads to which we both said "ewwww". I think we'll just stick with the regular pasta, thanks. We did splurge and got desert too, cause what is Christmas without the sweets.

After dinner we came home and opened our presents that were under our little Christmas tree and our little stockings that were hung by the electric fireplace with care (ummm maybe not so much with care as with a hammer and nail :p). Caleb made me a Phoenix Coyote's Calender got me a juicer, and Hannah got me a gift certificate from Victoria's Secret (she evidently got tired of me saying "I don't even have enough money for a bra") and some of my favorite candy (butterfingers and snickers). The kids seemed pleased with their gifts as well, but the best part was that we are all home together, as corny as that sounds.

Work was fairly busy on Christmas Eve, but we only admitted two-three people, with the one heart attack that I had predicted (sorry sir I was right, hope you are doing okay). Christmas Day was very busy as well, and we admitted about twelve people. It finally died off about 1:00am and the rest of the night was cake. I controlled myself enormously and did not graze at the trough that was presented to us. I've lost 5 pounds since Thanksgiving and I'm not going backwards, no way (being told by your ex that you are fat is a very big motivator).

So here's to you and yours with warm wishes for a very pleasant holiday. Enjoy your time with your family and be safe!

Ciao! De ;)


  1. So happy that you had a good Christmas with the kiddo's.

    Sorry you had to work, it's sure not fun, is it? I make myself feel better by reminding myself that the patients don't want to be there either. Plus the fact that I get to go home eventally makes it bearable.

    Oh, and Pox upon your Ex...what a jerk he was to say that to you!!


  2. love the picture of Hannah in the cart!! I like that she didn't feel too mature to do it or too self conscious to do it; bet you guys had a blast shopping!! sounds like you got great gifts! WTG on the 5 pounds gone!! I bet you guys just had such a great Christmas together!! that's all that matters, the love of family celebrating the birth of Jesus!!

    (ugh to David's comment!!!!!!)


  3. I have never heard of the day after Christmas shopping boxing day. It does make sense. LOL It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. I love the picture of Caleb in the basket. I better not show my daughter that picture because she will want me to do that. Have a great Sunday.

  4. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

  5. Hoping your new year brings with it many reasons to smile. Take care and enjoy your Today and those that follow,