Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday - And I Like My Men Cold, Undead, and Sparkly

Okay, so in case you can't figure out by my title, I saw the Twilight movie last week and now I'm hooked. The movie itself starts out a little awkward like the author was in a hurry to get the story going and forgot to let you get acquainted with the characters, but it builds into a nice plot and the acting is superb. And of course Robert Pattinson as "Edward" is absolutely hot!

And to make my new obsession even worse, Hannah goes and gives me the first two books in the series for my birthday. I don't know whether to hug her or ground her, ha ha. I've been sleep deprived by reading. Seeing the movie doesn't ruin the first book, as the book fills you in more on everyone's backgrounds more thoroughly. I'm well into the second book, New Moon, now.

Part of me wishes I hadn't seen the movie or read the books. It makes me wistful and a little depressed. I've joked that I wish I was 17 again (no way, honestly)...but 29 would really be nice. I can feel Bella's anguish, longing, and depression (which means the author does a good job of pulling you into the story) which is not good for me right now. It has nothing to do with being older, fatter, or uglier than I was when I was 17. It has nothing to do with wishing I had a boyfriend, husband, or a vampire. It just has to do with where I am in my life right now and the tough time I am having. My self-esteem isn't the highest and I'm constantly stressed with figuring out the budget issues (and no the jerk still isn't paying me the court ordered support). And I'm upset trying to figure out how to give the kids some sort of Christmas. **Sigh** I should've warned you this was going to be a depressing entry, lol.

I should get off here before I bore you or make you depressed at this time of the year. I'll just leave by saying this...every girl deserves an Edward.

Ciao! De ;)


  1. Oh I can certainly sympathize with you. I've been having a terrible time getting my bills paid. Thank God I have an Edward right now helping me out. He isn't working but gets food stamps and makes money when he can. Probably too late now, but local agencies do alot for the kids around Christmas. Even the teens. Hang in there sister!

  2. I feel as though I'm missing something - gonna have to see this one but am afraid of what it might do to me. Hoping all is good with you and yours. Take care and enjoy,

  3. I watched the movie & thought it was a little odd for a beginning but daughter assured me the book was much better. She has the whole set but I have yet to get started on it.

  4. I want to read these; they sound so interesting and then of course I want to see the movie

    so sorry you are depressed :(

    I just can't understand why David will not take responsibility and kick in for child support for Caleb; that is just soooooo sad!!!

    can you have a roommate or be a roommate with someone? is that possible with the kids and space? just wondering if that would help your finances; I'm sooooo sorry :(

  5. I have not been bitten ( pun intended)by the Twilight bug...just doesn't seem my scene but stranger things have happened..
    happy reading!