Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday - And Happy Halloween!

Just a little political humor I got from my Stepmom to get you going for the day. The boy and I are going to dress up (well he is at least) and go to the church carnival tonight. It's called Hallowpalozza and sounds like tons of fun including some fireworks. Hope you have a safe trick and treating night!

If you don't hear from me the next few days it is because I'm working Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues. But I'm going to VOTE no matter how tired I am. Here's hoping you do the same.

Ciao! De ;)


  1. Don't work to hard. I hope to go out and see the trick and treaters, we don't get any here.

  2. Hope you get lots of rest in between - your night sounds like a blast - Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween - Be safe,

  3. Oooh! Have fun tonite!! What is the boy dressed as??

    be well...

  4. what a cute cartoon!!!

    I hope the boy and you had a good time tonight! what did he dress up as?? our church did a similar thing sans the fireworks

    (((De))) with your crazy schedule! do get some sleep!


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