Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday - And I'm Officially Mad

Okay, so it’s Friday and I’m just sitting here all mad. Why? Well you see, this is the second time I have been put on call at work this week. Sunday, I voluntarily came off the schedule as there were too many and it benefited me to do so (no sitter). Monday night I was low censused home. Tuesday, I was put on call, but got called in before 7pm meaning no call pay. And tonight, I had arranged with the new clinical manager for him to work WITH me to see how night shift runs, but I got a call at 4:30 telling me he instructed staffing to put me on call and was working INSTEAD of me. So I am officially mad as hell!! The man is dumber than a box of rocks and states we are overstaffed on nights, but our numbers consistently support the staff we have. When it doesn’t, someone goes home early. But really, this is dangerous for an ER because you have to staff for what potentially could come in your door, not what actually does. At a certain point during the shift, when it is not a danger to do so, then we start sending people home early, usually no more than 2 hours early. Another thing is that you cannot have the nurse/patient ratio too high (Julia, Melissa support me here) because it could be a disaster just waiting to happen if you can’t take care of all of your patients and someone unintentionally gets ignored and gets sicker. No other hospital in the Valley staffs this way and I can’t believe this hospital gets away with it like it does.

Another thing I am furious about is that I just got my raise and it was only 75cents. I know, I know, the economy is horrible, but let me explain. I didn’t get a raise last year because I was four days late on a couple of our mandatory education units. Not one single person was ever told we wouldn’t get a raise, just be taken off the schedule if the education wasn’t complete, so imagine my surprise when I got a 95% evaluation at year end and no raise. This year, we got our raises early so the corporation could save money, 2.25% instead of 3%. But what really makes me mad is that in January I applied for an open position of Clinical Coordinator and was given the job, only to have it “frozen” by corporate before my raise could go through. So all year long I have not only been doing the charge position, but everything that goes along with the Clinical Coordinator position including attending hospital meetings, evaluations, etc. I was promised that my raise would reflect my dedication and hard work, and would be promoted Oct 1st, neither happened. Instead I was told I would have to re-apply for the Clinical Coordinator position and would be considered along with all other applicants. I told the Clinical Manger (he has only been at this hospital 2 months) I have never been more insulted and wouldn’t be staying if I was not recognized as already being in this position and my raise reflected accordingly. He said “you do what you have to do”. Okay I will!

So, Sunday night I applied for a position with another hospital group and have an interview on Wednesday. I haven’t left my current employer not because I feel like we have been treated fairly (our pay was reduced in April to “accurately reflect the current market value” and our overtime restricted and they got rid of bonuses for extra shifts – I am now making $7.50 LESS than when I moved to this state), and not because I like who I work for, but who I work with, but it’s time to move on. I am on schedule for tomorrow and I had better NOT get put on call. As it is I won’t be able to pay all my bills after payday next Friday so I will have to choose what I will have to push off and pay late.

This job situation is made worse by the fact that my soon-to-ex is STILL not paying me the child/spousal support he is Court ordered to do. My case with the DES is finally opened and I have a hearing on my motion to enforce the support on Tuesday, but I’m sure not to get any money. Ugh!

Money, or the lack of it…what a horrible subject for a blog entry. Oh well…wish me luck and have a good weekend!!

De ;)


  1. (((De))) that does stink; I would be mad too!! I'm glad you are going to an interview at another hospital; I know its a tight market out there, but they should still be treating you with respect as well as making sure the ER is covered adequately for patient care


  2. You must be ready to scream! Hang in there... I do hope you had a good weekend!

    be well...

  3. I am sitting home tonight because of low census, last night I had 7 patients on a post critical care floor. I was ha ha orientating a new nurse also. But fortunately I am not feeling well tonight so it works out for me.