Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday - And It's Movie Review Time

Well, yesterday the boy took me to see HS3, and having never seen the first two didn't really care whether I saw this one or not. The boy, however, was totally psyched, lol. I have to admit that I did enjoy the movie, all though it was just a tad cheesy (tell me you are not surprised). And, I have to admit, that Zac Efron is a total babe (about right now Hannah is puking, ha ha). Music is catchy, making you want to stand up, sing, and dance along. Acting is Disney level, but well done. Looking forward to seeing what these kids can do in other venues. My sister Kathryn tells me that Zac has been tapped for the next Pirates of the Caribbean and he has a movie coming out soon along the lines of the 13 going on 30, boy style. Recommendation: Go see it at the matinee price or wait for the DVD, unless you are a die hard fan that is.

Well for an update on my job situation, I did go for an interview at another hospital on Wednesday, placed an application at another, and told my Clinical Manager that I will need to know by Tuesday whether he is going to put me in the Clinical Coordinator position I have been doing all year except in pay only. Interview went very well as far as I could tell, lasted about 2 hours. Will need to call the other hospital I dropped the application off at as I haven't heard from this after a week. But I have to tell you something funny...apparently my Clinical Manager has been receiving heat from several different sources, because Friday afternoon he called me and asked if I was interested in the Clinical Coordinator position. I was like what? and asked him if we lived on the same planet. He said "I'm new at this so help me out here". Okay. Well of course I am why do you need to ask after our conversations I asked. "Because I'm offering you this position if you are still interested". Well yes I am, depending on what you can offer me financially I told him. So tomorrow morning we are sitting down and going over the pay and then I will make my decision. This isn't the best corporation to work for, but I have been with them for over three years and like the people I work with and would like to stay, especially since I enjoy my current responsibilities. So I'll let you know how it goes. As far as the other hospital is concerned, they promised to get back with me this week after my background check is complete, standard stuff.

Now for my support issues...went to the settlement conference on Tuesday but never went before the Judge because we came to some agreements. David came in all huffing and puffing and spouting off about how what we were doing was illegal and he doesn't owe me any money, etc and the mediator put him in his place "sir, I do realize you have come here with your own agenda, but we are not here for that...what we are here for is to discuss when you are going to pay this woman the money you are legally obligated to pay". Ohhhhh Snap! I loved it. Throughout the whole conference she kept him in line. End result...didn't get any money that day (darn it) but he will begin paying the ordered amount in Nov and begin catching me up on the arrearage with monthly payments, plus pay me back for court fees and service on this motion. Now he better do it because the mediator told him if we had to return on this issue then he would be sanctioned by the Court (yes!). So I just have to hold on a little bit longer, and I can do that.

Well while we were in this conference, David's daughter, Stephanie, went and filed his response to my divorce petition (darn it because he was almost up on time for another default). Do you know he said that there is only one issue between us and that is my arrest, and that we should go to counseling and get back together (for those of you who are knew to my blog, you can read up on this issue on my old AOL journal De's Lost Thoughts). The man is totally delusional and I told him so. I said that our marriage was irretrievably broken before my arrest and that there is not an ounce of hope for us to get back together, so let's move forward with our lives and work together to make sure Caleb is raised in healthy and emotionally stable environments. Jeez!

Okay, now there are three fun-filled days ahead as I have to work, so I wish you a good week. The boy and I are going to the early service this morning so I can take a nap before work.

Ciao! De ;)


  1. thanking the Lord De that you got offered that clinical position; I'm hopeful you and the person you are meeting with can work out a good financial compensation for you with your work that is just and fair; I think it is hard to continue to start new jobs; if you can stay at the hospital you are at since you know the people, I bet that will be less stress in the long run.

    glad David will have to start taking responsibility to make payments very soon

    hugs to you!


  2. Oh boy... David's head is still firmly lodged in his arse, huh? LOL Well, hopefully the $$ will start to come.

    be well...

  3. New to your blog but looking forward to getting to know you better. Crossing my fingers that you'll be offered the $$ you need and deserve.