Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wednesday - And The Top 10 Things I Notice When the Kids Are Not Here

10. It is terribly quite here, but I can listen to whatever music I like;
9. Quite can get boring after a bit, even with the TV going;
8. When I get up no one is there to laugh at my "sticking up hair".

7. There is no one to threaten to kill if they don't get along;
6. No one is hogging the computer or phone day and night;
5. There is no one to blame when the ice cream or chips are all eaten except me;
4. There is no one here to just walk with me while I take out the trash, or check the mail, or run to the store;
3. The house is still a mess;
2. I can save money on groceries, electricity, etc but it is a poor substitute for missing your kids; and the number one thing I notice when the kids are gone is...

1. Nobody wakes me up "just to say I love you Mom"

Ciao! De ;)


  1. Please note my blogger address is now:

    I had to change it in order for the migration to apply.

    Hugs, Rose

  2. Hi! Glad you stopped by my blog and I'm being a follower to you too!

  3. hey; how are you doing? I have you on dashboard but your journal doesn't open for some reason :( I put you in my favorites and I'll keep coming back and checking if you made an entry

    I know what you mean about not having the kids around; I know it has to be tough especially when you don't see Hannah for a bit :(

    hugs to you!!