Monday, March 05, 2007

Finish The Sentence

Found over at Dawn's:

1. Once, when I...younger, I used to believe I was adopted because none of my brother and sisters have brown hair except me.

2. Lately, it seems can't tell the difference between Wednesday and Friday nights in the ER anymore.

3. I can't stomach another...story about Anna Nicole Smith. Let her rest in peace, already!

4. Here's something you never knew about me...I not only have a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, I have a Bachelor's in business as well. And that's because I talked myself out of going to med school.

5. I am so ready for...Hannah to be home again!

6. If you put together...Diet Dr Pepper and Chocolate I'd never want for anything again. Thank goodness you can't, lol, cause instead of needing to lose 20pounds it might be 50!

7. My plans for the week include...working 2 1/4 shifts, housework, hanging out with the boy and his Dad, and picking up Hannah at the airport.

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