Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm A Horrible Sister, But I Think I've Been Redeemed

This entry is dedicated to my sister, Kathryn. I've told you before that she has to have major surgery, and Tuesday morning was the day. And I forgot to call her. Can you believe that? I was concentrating so much on doing something for the kids cause I had been sick and it's Spring Break and all, that I forgot to call my own sister the night before she has major surgery. And I'm not even there. What kind of horrible sister is that?

Actually, truth be told, I didn't totally forget. I remembered at 9:30pm MST and it was 11:30pm CDT (damn daylight saving time). Kathryn is a early sleeper, always has been ever since she was born. "Grandma" I call her. Can't be up much past 9:30pm or 10:00pm. Me? I can stay up until the sun rises, which is why I work the night shift I suppose. So, I didn't call. I was really upset until David said, "You know you'll be up when she has to be at the hospital. Call her then." Okay. Right. 2hours ahead now. I'll call her at 3:00 or 3:30am. Thank you Lord for the time change, but I think I would be up anyways.

So fast forward and I did actually get a chance to speak to my sister, Kathryn, before her surgery. Poor thing, she was so nervous she could hardly concentrate and got off the phone pretty quickly. I told her to ask for Valium and Versed. One to help her relax, and the other to help her forget. Sounded like a great cocktail to me!

I woke up and spoke to my Mom around 9:45am (11:45CST) and was getting text messages before that. Kathryn's surgery went very, very well. The initial results of the pathology was that it is a benign endometrial tumor as suspected, but they will be doing more tests to rule out any malignant areas. But as far as worst case scenerios they were giving Kathryn, she had maximum results with minimal complications. So, all in all, a very good outcome. I was up a while after I talked to my Mom and sent Kathryn some flowers, a Teddy bear, and a balloon. I talked to Mom later on said the gifts got there and the flowers were beautiful. Mom also said Kathryn just held out her arms for the Teddy bear and wouldn't let it go, lol. So I guess I've been redeemed! I don't quite know how long Kathryn will be in the hospital, but she will have her "Angel of Health" waiting for her when she gets there.

So, now that I know that Kathryn is all settled in, the family headed off to the outlet mall for a little shopping. We all needed shoes, and shoes we all got. Even miss picky Hannah found what she was looking for, the exact pair of Converse.

With shopping done for the evening, we tooled around the house and will be heading out of town later on for a couple of day of R&R as it is Spring Break here. What I absolutely love about living in Arizona is that we don't have to venture very far for a different scenery and climate. So, I guess I'll pack it up here and catch up with you guys later and let you know how our little escape went. In the meantime...

Ciao, De ;)

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