Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sunday - And I'd Rather Be a Problem Solver

We've often seen the picture and the accompanying question of “is the glass half-full or half-empty”.   I always thought I was an optimist thinking that the glass was half-full and life is filled with many opportunities and promises.  That is, until my demotion.   I found myself constantly thinking bleakly regarding my current state of affairs and looking into a foggy horizon.  How to turn this around?

Most of the time we are quite unaware of our optimism or pessimism, or exactly what we are doing in our lives or the direction we are taking, unless someone kindly points it out to us.  But our attitudes affect our actions and our thoughts and more directly, what is visualized or not, and what we do or don’t do.  We, quite unintentionally, assume what we are thinking or how we are acting, is the truth, but most of the time it is an altered reality.

Take for instance my demotion.  I cried and moaned about how everyone was against me and that I was worthless despite knowing intuitively that this was simply not true.  Then I received a text from a one of my fellow nurses simply stating “you have true friends here, not as vocal or out front, but often times much more loyal”.  I think I must have cried a whole bucket load of tears.

We can pay a high price for mistaken assumptions and ignoring the richness and promises of any given situation.  The fallout can discolor our lives without any awareness that this is happening, never quite knowing where we are or where we should be.  Allowing our disbelief and fears to control our actions and clouding the possibilities of tomorrow.

My current situation has certainly given cause for me to re-examine who I thought where my friends, who I thought I could trust, and to lift the veil of assumption to the clearer path of knowledge.  I’d like to think it has also spurred me to taking action on some issues that have lain in the background, such as clearing the cobwebs of my debt and lightening my financial responsibilities.

How do I plan on reducing debts if my income is reduced?  Simply put…cut the bacon fat, get rid of excesses, live on what is necessary and not on what is a luxury.  I’m paying off bills now, not going to buy a new car when mine is paid for in a few months, and moving from a 3-bedroom town home to a 2-bedroom one.  Basically my plan is to not incur new debts.  So you see, I can continue to wallow in self-pity, bemoan my current fate, or I can seize the opportunity to not only see the glass half-full but formulate a plan to have a simpler, less stress-field life.

From now on I’d like to see myself as a problem solver.

Ciao!  De :)

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