Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sunday - And Taking a School Break for the Sunday Seven #392

What couldn't you do without? Beyond the obvious choices like water, food, oxygen and other necessities that are so necessary that life literally can’t occur without them?

That’s the list for this week. Are there seven things you can come with that you’d have a hard time doing without? I've made my list. I invite you to do the same.

Without further ado, here is mine:

7 Things I Feel I Couldn't Do Without

1. God
I think this will be a lot of people's number 1, I could be wrong though.  My faith is very important to me.  I may not splash it all across my blog or Facebook, or throw it in your face, but I do believe in God and He is what gets me through everything...good and bad.

2. Family
I've always been close to my parents and siblings, some more at different times in my life than others.  I would hate to not be able to keep in touch with any of them.  Living in different states does tend to make it difficult, but through the modern miracles of technology we manage.

3. My Boyfriend
I am very fortunate to have found a man with whom I get along with so well, who knows me and loves me despite my many flaws.  I treasure this man more than anyone I've ever been involved with and would be devastated if I lose contact with him.  He is my rock.

4. My Friends
I have been very fortunate to have some very solid friendships and to have friends who will weather any storm with me.  They are with me good and bad, and we have many silly, fun, and sometimes tearful escapades.

5. My Cat
I love my cat even though she annoys the ever living snot out of me at times and sleeps with her butt in my face.  She is my constant companion.

6. The Internet
It almost escapes my mind to think of life without the internet, I know my children have certainly never experienced this phenomenon.  The internet is always on and a constant link with so many I value in addition to the world at large.

7. Television
I would have to say that television is my second constant companion whether I'm watching it or not, it's always on in the background and makes a warmer home.

How about you? Can you name things you couldn't do without?  Play along and post your answers at Patrick's Place.

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